This is an open call for contributions for both our March 2018 Scratch Lab and zine. Each Scratch Lab contains an hour of curated content and small exhibits all capped off with performances from specially invited Guest DJs. The zine is an accompanying publication, curated for each event, which also contains complimentary material that better suits the printed page.

Our March Scratch Lab will deal with the theme “ON QUESTS

Are you planning any journeys in the coming months?

Has your entire creative life been building towards one grand quest?

What adventures have you already undertaken, real or imaginary, that may have seeped into your art?

Have the ordeals and endeavours of other explorers influenced your life and your works?

What smaller quests are written into the narrative of your daily life?

What wonderfully mundane adventures drive you through the weeks and years?

Is your work inspired by the playful element of questing in reality or in a digital or imaginary realm?

Have you any quests you would like to pose as a challenge to other artists or folk?

We are seeking submissions from any creative genre that can be translated into the presentation modes of film, spoken word, dance, micro-lecture or other live performance as well as writing or visual art and design pieces that can be woven into the publication.

Scratch Lab submissions must be between 5-15 minutes long. Submissions for the Publication must suit black and white reproduction, translate into A4 presentation at the largest and be no longer than 1,000 words.

Works in progress and creative proposals are especially welcome.

Please use the submission form below or send examples of work to






Deadline for Submissions; On Quests – Sunday 11th March, 2018.

Please also feel welcome to contact us with any ideas or works that don’t quite fit the strict submission requirements but do handle the larger themes of each evening. We may be able to find clever ways to work with them now or in the future.

May your days be filled with acts of Bravery, Creativity & Generosity.