1. Go gargantuan or retire to your residence.
  2. Expand creative horizons, celebrating beautiful and important work being made in Colchester, and it’s immediate surrounds.
  3. Deliver regular curated events showcasing fine people and their works of wonder in and around the town, cultivating new opportunities for collaboration and community engagement. This includes a monthly evening of entertainments, with accompanying publication. In both cases works in progress and creative proposals are especially welcome.
  4. Encourage acts of creative bravery and generosity that engage local communities, inhabitants and landscapes.
  5. Craft ambitious projects that responsibly fold the work of our pre-existing creative community into the daily life of the town.
  6. Create a solid brand that allows emerging artists to generate income and share new work.
  7. Build interesting and unexpected collaborations and redefine the parameters of what constitutes art and who might be making it.
  8. Approach all of these tasks with positivity, willingness to play and a strong sense of fun.

Contact us at for any information you may require.

May your days be filled with acts of Bravery, Creativity & Generosity.